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The Cadet's TeukGong MooSool Program is designed for children ages 7 and up. Our award-winning program provides the best in self-defense training but is also designed to develop our student's respect, confidence, focus, respect, discipline, attitude, and overall character.

At Academy of Korean Martial Arts, our focus is always on bringing out the best in our students.  Our internationally recognized, professional instructors will teach your child practical, realistic self-defense.  We stress non-violent conflict resolution, ways to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, and practical self-defense techniques for getting away from attackers and bullies.

Your child will be taught that their martial arts skills are for self-defense only, and they will have a clear understanding of being personally responsible for their actions and attitudes.

Academy of Korean Martial Arts is dedicated to the principles of traditional martial arts, and the culture of respect is evident in all our classes. However, we use modern, innovative, cutting-edge training equipment and teaching methods to build upon that traditional base so that we can better equip our young people to succeed in today's world.

Unlike many of the well-known martial arts taught in America as sports, the style of TeukGong MooSool was created as a military martial art for South Korea's national defense. It has since been adapted for civilians and has become one of the leading martial arts for children in Korea. We are proud to be among the first to introduce this new, innovative art to the United States.

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From One of Our Parents:
My son has been a part of this program since 2012. During this time, he has gained self-confidence, flexibility, and self-control.
Master Kincade teaches much more than skills and does it in a loving, fun environment. He is strict and expects respect and focus in class, but as a parent, I expect that.
Master Kincade and his staff all truly care about the students and their families and it is demonstrated in the way they run their programs.
Striving toward Black Belt Excellence, Teuk Gong!
-Mandy S., Luke's Mom

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