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Grandmaster Steve Kincade, a Brookhaven native, is the first American to achieve the rank of 6th dan in the Korean Military Martial Art TeukGong MooSool from the International Teuk Gong Moo Sool Federation.  With an extensive 30-year background in Korean Martial Arts, he has Master's ranking in TeukGong MooSool (6th Degree Black Belt), Han Mu Do (5th Degree Black Belt) and Grandmaster's ranking in Hapkido (8th Degree Black Belt.) He also has Black Belt ranks in Kuk Sool and Tae Kwon Do. 

He is a full-time instructor who teaches at his school and gives seminars and private classes for other instructors, law enforcement officers, and civic groups.  He recently formed the "American Teuk Gong Moo Sool Alliance" to introduce and promote the Korean Military Martial Art in North America. 
Grandmaster Park
 5th Dan Black Belt

Grandmaster Steve Kincade
Grandmaster Kincade has been featured in newspapers and international magazines, appearing in an article published on his accomplishments in Seni Belidari, the most popular martial arts magazine in Malaysia.  He was featured in TaeKwonDo Times as the "Martial Artist of the Month" in October of 2012.  He appeared on the cover of TaeKwonDo Times March, 2013, with an article along with other leading Korean Martial Arts masters and grandmasters, and most recently appeared in the magizine's September, 2015 issue which featured Grandmaster Kincade teaching our Hyper Bully Defenses here at Academy of Korean Martial Arts.

TaeKwonDo Times
Seni Beladiri
TaeKwonDo Times
TaeKwonDo Times
Training History and Teaching Philosophy
Grandmaster Kincade met Grandmaster No-won Park, President and Founder of the International Teuk Gong Moo Sool Federation, during a trip to Korea in 2002 where he witnessed a demonstration by some of Grandmaster Park's students.  He was very impressed and later became one of the first Americans to train in this style.  He is honored to have become a personal student of Grandmaster Park and has hosted his first American seminars.

Grandmaster Park is also teaching Grandmaster Kincade "Mu E Dan Gong", which could be described as a martial arts yoga, with breathing and streching exercises to promote overall health.

Grandmaster Kincade had been fortunate to begin his martial arts training with and be a student of Dr. He-young Kimm during the formation of his Han Mu Do, the traditional Korean Martial Art. He taught at Dr. Kimm's headquarters school and worked with Dr. Kimm on several of his books.  He assisted Dr. Kimm with seminars all over the United States, Mexico, and in Europe and his experiences with this great Grandmaster convinced Grandmaster Kincade to pursue a career in Martial Arts instruction.

His later study and training in Teuk Gong Moo Sool led him to understand the style as a combination of tradition and innovation, and now considers it to be the evolution of Korean Martial Arts.  Grandmaster Park's philosophy is "Take everything you know and create something new."  As someone who has devoted his life to teaching, Grandmaster Kincade understands that attitude to be the real purpose of education and human development.

Grandmaster Kincade's belief is that martial arts training should be a vehicle to personal improvement that will benefit our nation, friends, families, and ourselves and he has devoted his life to training and teaching those skills.  He feels that TeukGong MooSool is uniquely positioned to accomplish this task. His proudest accomplishments are the students he has influenced over the years and his goal is to introduce as many people as possible to TeukGong MooSool and the benefits it can bring to all.

No-won Park

Dr. He-young Kimm
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