It Didn’t Break My Heart!

Well, friends, we had our “Be a Heart Breaker” Valentine’s board break at Academy of Korean Martial Arts last Saturday, and it was successful beyond my dreams.  (And I have pretty cool dreams!)

The Instructors and Black Belts gave demonstrations, two of the Brown Belts showed some of their special skills, and even a young Blue Belt performed in front of the crowd with no advance warning.  Everybody rocked and the spectators got a good idea of what TeukGong MooSool is all about.

All who wanted to break a board did break a board.  It was wonderful seeing so many think and move with confidence and my hope is that they remember that every problem in their life is just a board that needs to be broken.  And, as my first instructor, the great Dr. He-young Kimm taught me, the trick is that you need to look at the board to be broken and see it in your mind as already broken.

So yes, positive attitude and power were demonstrated by TeukGong MooSool students.  What many didn’t see, however, was the “rest of the story” as a great narrator once said.

I spoke with my Black Belt students before the demonstration to see what they would most like to show the crowd.  I saw Nick practicing his “Teuk Moo Do Hyung,” the sabre form.  He’s quite good it and practices it often.  Of course, that’s what he wanted to present to the spectators, his best.  Who wouldn’t?

I went through the group and wound up with a young Black Belt who looked just a bit disappointed.  She, too, wanted to perform Teuk Moo Do Hyung and that was no surprise.

She had first struggled with that form and I had been none too easy on her.  It took her a while to learn the movements and I sensed that she was intimidated by the form. I was very, very critical of her performance as she was learning it, but I wanted her to perform at Black Belt level.  She would sometimes get very frustrated and would leave class very upset.

Anyone who has studied martial arts knows that there can be sticking points in our training, where we can hit a wall that is so very hard to get past.  This young lady kept hitting the wall, yet somehow, on her own accord, she kept going back and trying again and again.

Just within the last two months have I seen her make a major breakthrough and the hard work and determination have paid off.  She now does the form very, very well, by any standard.  She has worked on it so much that it truly is her best and favorite.

Now, here’s one of the best things that happened at our board break Saturday:  When Nick saw how disappointed the young lady was, he spoke up and said, “Sir, let her do the sabre form. She’s worked hard on it, and I’ll do self-defense techniques.”

So, Nick got in front of the crowd and worked with another Black Belt he hasn’t worked with in six months.  He wasn’t prepared for that level of performance, but he stepped up and did it anyway.  I was so proud of him!  Not just because he represented the style of TeukGong MooSool very well with his techniques.  He’s one of our instructors, and I expect that of him.

No, what made me so happy is that he illustrated the TeukGong Basic Value, “My Tears for my Brothers and Sisters.”  He set aside his ego in order to help another succeed.

Oh, and the performance of the young Black Belt?  Awesome!

This was a huge positive event for everybody.  Her, for reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication through goal setting, Nick, for showing the high character that we should all aspire to. The spectators, who were treated to what TeukGong MooSool can be all about.

And, of course, to me. You see, I’m lucky enough to get to work with all these awesome people.

Until later,

Teuk Gong!

Master Kincade

New Blog!

Master Kincade’s New Year’s resolution?  Well, maybe!

We’re starting a blog.  The intent is to bring my perspective and get yours on TeukGong MooSool and other Korean Martial Arts.  (Of course, other Asian arts may be discussed, but my expertise is on the Korean variety.)

Grandmaster Park says, “Take everything you know and create something new.”  That’s the best advise I’ve ever heard to make this a better world, and I believe that the more we know, the better “new” we can create!  So, let’s work together and see where this goes.

Teuk Gong!

Master Steve Kincade